Saying Goodnight to kids

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It’s bedtime. I told the stories, hugged them, said good nights, and gave the thousand kisses. Bedtime can be a very daunting thing for children as they began to gain awareness about the dark. They are afraid to sleep, and the fear of the dark holds many unknowns for them. Saying Goodnight to kids may not be that simple anymore.


*Lights off*

Just as I was about to turn and leave the room, Nicole started sobbing. Real sobbing.

“Mummy, I want you to sleep with us… I’m scared”

My goodness… where did that come from?

“It’s ok. Mummy loves you…close your eyes…” *hugs &kisses*

Sobbing continues…

Then we heard a little voice in the dark, it was Nathan.

“Mummy, why is che che (sister) crying?”

That was when I had a brilliant idea.

“Che Che (sister)  is scared. Can you hold her hand & tell her it’s ok?”

So they held hands. Sobbing subsided. I left the room.

About an hour later, I came into the room to check on them.

holding hands

Manhood in the making…to protect and to hold… 🙂

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