Halloween Party at S.E.A Aquarium

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Halloween is coming, and if you are looking for a fun family event to bring the kids, head on down to Sentosa and visit the S.E.A Aquarium. Entitled Spooky Seas at S.E.A Aquarium, the event offers children Halloween fun, as they discover the various Marine Life on at the Aquarium.

Aquarium Sentosa

hammerhead sharks

If you have not been to this Aquarium at Sentosa, you will be in for a treat. With its huge water tanks and tunnels, the aquarium offers many opportunities to get up close and personal with marine life. Don’t forget to bring your cameras, as there will also be many photo- opportunities for selfies and group photos on a visit.

The twist in visiting the S.E.A Aquarium during this period is that your kids will be given a booklet to embark on a spooky discovery journey, and also learn about marine life at the same time. The moment we stepped into the aquarium entrance, we were presented with our booklets, by a friendly pirate, who was there to assist lost travelers! 🙂

halloween Sentosa Aquarium

As the kids were briefed on their quest, we were encouraged to explore the haunted shipwrecks which were overrun with skeleton pirates. As you can see, many of the tanks with filled with pumpkins and pirate skeletons.

halloween pumpkins

tropical fishes

As we made our way around the aquarium, we were greeted by Halloween stations, where the kids would face a ghostly task, and get trick or treat goodies upon completion of each station.

halloween aquarium

sea creatures

The kids had great fun “Trick and Treating”, and as they completed the challenges, they were awarded a mystery prize. Check out Nathan’s face, as he received his magic gift! 🙂

halloween fun

To maximize your visit to the S.E.A Aquarium, you might also want to bring the family to the aquarium when it is feeding time. It is always fun to watch the fishes in action, as they swim for their snacks.  feeding time aquarium

And of course, we brought the kids to see the Jelly fishes. It is just amazing to watch these water jellies swimming around.



If you are apprehensive about the “scare” level of this event, do put your fears to rest. Scare levels are really low, and this party is definitely more of a fun family event.

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Pictures taken with our Sponsored Nikon D5500

nikon d5500

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