Little Boy Visits Heaven

Came across a book, that is a 2010 New York Best Seller, where a little boy visits heaven through a near death experience. He goes to heaven and comes back to earth in this book about his amazing adventure. “Heaven is for Real” is an inspiring story, that makes you wonder in awe about what happens after we die.

heaven is for real

Colton Burpo, is rushed into emergency surgery at age 4, and miraculously survives and begins talking about his trip to heaven. He describes what his parents were doing (he said he could see them) during his surgery AND about meeting his grandfather and sister, sharing impossible-to-know details which a little boy could never know.

Little boy sees heaven

Anyway, I stumbled unto the video while surfing, and his interview with Marilyn Hickey really ministered to me. Colton’s testimony sparked interest in me, as recently he was in Singapore at the invitation of Victory Family Church, and his testimony and insights are truly “mind blowing”.

Check out this link to watch the really anointed Marilyn Hickey Video:

(Sorry, but could not embed it in this post, as it was disabled by user)

I hope that the video will speak to you, as it spoke to me.

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