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Being able to use your notebook and blog on the go, is very important to every young professional.

Targus mouse

Personally, I like to have a lot of handy gadgets with me whenever I move around, and Targus seems to fit the bill. Targus created the laptop bag 25 years ago and it continues to advance the mobile accessories category with innovative and relevant solutions for today’s mobile lifestyle.

In fact, I have been using Targus backpacks for the last 5 years, and I am a big fan. 


Well, a good backpack for your notebook is not exactly an inexpensive item, but my experiences with Targus has been a good one. A major plus point is their warranty.

With its Limited Lifetime Warranty  (Limited to as long as the bag is still in production), I managed to get a One-4-One replacement for my notebook bag when it was damaged through use. Their FREE-Free exchange policy is definitely a major reason why I continue to use their backpacks. (Read more about my experience here)

Targus backpack

The Good News about this post – is that Targus is having a Giveaway on ED Unloaded! Smile 

Yes! That’s right the Targus Cobra Backpack which is a perfect fit for the sporty businessman is available for this Giveaway!

The backpack is able to protect up to 14 inch W laptops and it has a dual compartment layout to accommodate laptop equipment and personal items. The back is also water resistant and made up of super light weight polyester.

But wait there is more…even if you don’t win the backpack, check out the other lifestyle products that are available to the other lucky winners!

targus products

Yes! In total, I have a total  of 4 Targus products to Giveaway (Including the Backpack), so if you like getting things FOC, this is the contest for you!

In order to win, all you need to do is:

1. Comment on this blog and tell us why you like Targus products?

2. Join the ED Unloaded Facebook Page (if you have not done so).

3. Share this blog page on your Facebook Wall (For those new to this process, you can do this by sharing the link from the ED Unloaded Facebook Page, and pasting it on your FB Wall. Do help me by TAGGING me as well, so that I know that you have done it.)

Contest ends on the 12 Feb 2012 2359hrs.

Winners will be selected by an Internet Random Generator.

60 Responses

  1. Derrick Tan

    I will the sporty and professional design of the bags. On top of that it has limited lifetime warranty.

  2. wow! I’ve always oogled Targus bags but never did buy them due to the price. They were comfy and looked really durable compared to some other brands. PLUS they didn’t look like computer bags but just your regular backpack. A definite bonus in my books :)

  3. My hubby has to go for business trip quite often, this Targus bag is useful for him. Due to budget constraint, he can’t afford a good and quality bag. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Targus has always been reputational for it’s comfort, well padded shoulder straps, durability and design. As a laptop carrier for the past 7 years, these are really important points which I like to protect my shoulders and back (as well as my laptop). ^_^

  5. Liked & shared on facebook!

    I’ve always used Targus products because they are high quality, reliable, functional and great value for the money. Please count me in the giveaway. Thank you.

  6. I like Targus!! Cos I need a new laptop bag! What better way to start using the best! =)

  7. Koh Jun Jie Jason

    It is very spacious and supports very well.

    Liked and shared.

  8. I like it because it is lightweight :)

  9. Llove Contests

    My fav bag..all the time !!

  10. Frederick Chia

    Targus bags are both comfortable & durable!!!

  11. Jethro Khoo

    Targus bags are both fashionable and practical..

  12. Elaine Khoo

    I love this bag!

  13. My husband is a great fan of Targus stuff! I hope I can win one of the items for his coming birthday on 13th Feb.

  14. Jessie Sng

    I love this bag for it’s quality..and on top of that, they give you a FREE-Free exchange policy !

  15. Edwin Khoo

    sturdy, lightweight and ideally suited for the traveller..Perfect!

  16. I like its professional look and most importantly its durability, with experience of Targus products, it is quite lasting! Yet not heavy compared to other durable bags. Therefore i like Targus products! Innovative yet sleek looking! ThumbsUp!

  17. It’s rare to find bags that have lifetime warranty and it looks really sleek and comfortable for one to use!

  18. Jeremy ong

    i like the bag is big and put my laptop

  19. 1. I like Targus products for their durability and quality guaranteed. The laptop bag would be great for carrying my heavy laptop around with ease.

    2. Joined the ED Unloaded Facebook Page :))

    3. Shared this blog page on my Facebook Wall

    Thank you!

  20. Clarence Nai

    Bags are essential to not only students but to everyone in different profession. Having such a great bag which looks presentable, sleek, light and useful is definitely a bonus!

  21. I personally loved Targus laptop bag because I’ve used it before. It feels light on my shoulder even after storing my 14″ Dell laptop and other files and stationery in it. The water-resistant outer layer is the other aspect that I like about Targus bag.

    I have joined ED Unloaded Facebook page and shared this blog with my friends.

  22. Targus lives up to their reputation for sturdy, well-made bags!

  23. Targus’ bags are really light but their quality and durability are not compromised. Plus it’s not easy to find a bag that can fit my laptop and all the other accessories without looking like I’m carrying a rock behind me!

  24. Chan Fong Ying Doris

    Targus has been a good one, their free-free exchange policy is definitely a major reason why I choose this brand rather than other brand. I will support and continue to use their backpacks as long it is still in production.

  25. The Targus Cobra Backpack would make a fine carrier for my Asus 14″ laptop which I carry for my daily work. Targus is well-renowned for its sleek design, compactness and high quality material used for their bags. Trust Targus as you would not want to use another brand again.

  26. Looks spacious, light, and totally cool! Plus lifetime warrant! Definitely a great product!

  27. joycelyn Baey

    Its are comfortable and durable!! Most important it long lasting.

  28. I like Targus bag because it is light in weight and it can hold lot of stuff and lot of compartment too. The best thing is it have warranty.

  29. I like Targus products because they are beautiful, well-made, versatile and durable :)

  30. Cincin Chong

    I like Targus products because they’re trendy and made of good quality!

  31. I like Targus bag becauseIT A useful bag

  32. Michael Goh

    I like Targus bag because of its’ Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  33. I like Targus products because they are unique and reliable.

  34. I like Targus because it’s a trusted brand, has limited lifetime warranty and value for money!

  35. Shanice Foh

    I love Targus because it has bulit in rain cover and provide additional protection against the elements to keep my laptop and other gadgets dry.The interior of the bag made with anti scratch material to protect the surfaces of my gadgets ! It had lifetime warranty so it’s very value for money!

  36. The bag looks really sturdy and durable. I love its manly design too (because I am a tomboy just like that XD).

    Joined and shared the link on my FB Wall.

    2. Join the ED Unloaded Facebook Page (if you have not done so).

    3. Liked and shared and tagged you! 😀

  37. Love tagurs products as they are durable, good quality and most importantly valued for money.^^ Tagurs bag is my favourite^^ : light, spacious and

  38. Targus has cool products. Hope to win some!

  39. The brand Targus is synonymous with quality, value, durability and functionality. Hope to win one of the products for my tech geek hubby who also loves well-designed products for his various high-tech gadgets! =)

  40. I like Targus products because they are stylish and of good quality.

    Liked ED Unloaded on Facebook Bebe Lee

    Shared on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/edunloaded?sk=wall#!/ASleepyBeauty/posts/184494594988119

    Name Bebe Lee
    Email bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

  41. I love Targus bag because it is a multifunction bag I ever seen and lifetime warranty. All steps done.

  42. Jamie Quek

    Targus products are of good standard, durable and affordable.

    Liked on Facebook as Quek CH

    Shared link https://www.facebook.com/edunloaded?ref=ts&sk=wall#!/NaggyQ/posts/164450703666907

  43. I love Targus products as they are stylish, good quality, durable, and value of money.
    This brand has always been my number one choice.

    Liked on Facebook as WC Grace

    Shared https://www.facebook.com/edunloaded?ref=ts&sk=wall#!/wcgrace44/posts/104846132972698

  44. Evelyn Lim

    Sturdy and stylish!!

  45. I am a big fan of Targus cos they are stylish and durable, just that that price is too steep!

  46. I love Targus because of the quality and lifetime warranty. Hope to give it to my hubby because his current one make him look like turtle, feel so sad.

  47. I love Targus products because they produce quality products and are very sleek and professional-looking.

    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/jm.lagapa/posts/245168618895529

  48. koh peng jek

    I like targus products as they are of good quality and are inexpensive. Their backpack provides a stylish and comfortable way to carry your laptop plus a few files and accessories.

  49. teo kai sin

    I like Targus products for their sleek and stylish design. They are very value for money and and the backpack is versatile; great for work or casual days.

  50. Muhammad Azmi

    Targus has a rugged design to protect the laptop.

  51. It’s stylish and has good quality. All steps done.
    Thank you:)

  52. I like targus products especially the back pack. Its very handy, Very attractive, and the most important is very comfortable to use

  53. teo hock koon

    I like targus affordable and well designed products. They are solidly build and their quality is comparable to most of other products in the market but cheaper.

  54. Kaelyn Chen

    I like Targus products esp their laptop bags cos we all need a good quality and sturdy bag to protect our precious laptop. And it’s comfortable and stylish also. It’s an added bonus that it comes with lifetime warranty too.

  55. I like Targus products because they are reliable & lasting. Once a Targus fan, forever a Targus fan!

  56. I like Targus products because they are of a superior quality!

  57. I like Targus product because of the quality lifetime warranty. It is stylish and versatile to attract me to get one of it. Hope I have chance to have it as I’m frequent traveler. Thanks you.

  58. I like and want the mouse!! hahahah! Looking at your post, I think Targus products look so sleek and style! Definitely very corporate looking and fitting for professionals. 😀

  59. Chiang Cheh Sim

    I like Targus for marrying functionality and funk in the design of their bags!

  60. Seraph Tan Wee Kwan

    I too own many handy gadgets, but my trusty ones would be my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone where most of the time, I would bring them out to school or to play at times. Sometimes I would even bring my DSLR around, which makes the total package a bit hefty. I need a bag which fits the bill – to be able to house all my gadgets safe and sound, yet easy to retrieve. Targus will be a very good choice for me and I believe it has the ability to protect my gadgets from water, shock etc.

    I like Targus products because they are made to be guardians, strong and steady product as they are known for. And most importantly, I can carry them comfortably.

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