Board Games for Kids

The kids have recently been introduced to board games, and the hottest game around the house right now is Monopoly Junior!

monopoly junior

This evergreen board game by Parker Brothers seems to have captivated the imagination of the kids, and with a short game-time,  the kids seem to be hooked! The game is is also educational, as it teaches the basic concepts of handling money and patience…this is one of the hardest commodities to teach the children 🙂


Our 6yo seems to be loving the game the most – as she loves to give and receive money. No2 loves to play, as long as he “thinks” that he  is winning! :). And No.3 is just happy to be in the same room with everybody. As you can see, we have many parenting paradigms in the same room…

The game is currently still a HIT with the kids, as we try to add variations to the game as much as possible. I think  that this is one of the most important unwritten rules in any board game – improvise to keep the kids interested.

monopoly collage

I think that why they call it, “Monopoly – the Singapore Edition”! 🙂

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