Cova Pasticceria at Paragon

Walking around Paragon, I am sure that you have noticed this really high class tea room at the far end of the Paragon Mall. Cova Pasticceria at Paragon is a premium tea room that serves quality pastries and cakes.


As the kids were at school, I dated my wife and brought her to this tea room for a round of cakes and tea. It was certainly a pleasant experience, as the waiters waltzed around in their “Penguin Suits” to serve us.

Cakes at cova

Having a sweet tooth, we could not say NO to chocolates on display behind the counter. As we wanted a good sample of their best pastries, we ordered a serving of their Top Sellers. As the selection mostly involved some form of chocolate pastry, we had no objections to the selection!

Cake selection

Cake collage

Before you ask me what to try when I go to the tea room….my verdict is TRY ANYTHING!

Generally, all the pastries are delicious. However, I did not try anything that was a “Die-Die must TRY”.

However, the restaurant did provide me an exquisite dining experience. It is really classy and this is the kind of place, where you will feel yourself pressured to speak softly, and slowly sip your tea.

As an avid tea drinker (In fact, I have my pot of Harrod’s tea next to me, as I am writing this blog post), I thought that the tea here was spectacular!

My wife tried the “Triamisu” flavoured tea, and it was really smooth and flavorful! Much better than the tea that I have at home. However, I thought twice about buying some tea…Harrod’s sells their tea about about $20 per 100gm. Cova sells it at $45 per 100gm. YES! This is NOT a TYPO!

I think I am better off just dropping by for an occasional pot of tea, which is sold at about $8–$10 per pot.

For the price conscious reader, the pastries are priced at about $4–$6 per pastry, and cakes go at about $8–$10 per slice. If you are NOT a Prince William, who can afford to have his English Tea at this tea room everyday, here is a quick tip for everyone!

Cakes and pastries go at 50% discount after 8pm. So, I will definitely be dropping by soon, to buy some cakes for the kids soon!


Cova, Pasticceria – Confetteria


Paragon Shopping Centre
290 Orchard Road, 238859
6733 0777
Subway: Orchard
Open Weekdays 9am-10pm

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